Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Is So I Wouldn't Forget Them

Lai, Lyka, Fraulein and Ezra Arcena

This is the Arcena Family. I met them his afternoon: a day after my birthday and four days after my blackberry was lost. 

Fraulein is a waiter in one of the restaurants that I had a meeting in four days ago. He found my phone and waited for it to ring so he could return it to me. Unfortunately, I always turn my phone on silent mode whenever I am in a meeting so it was silently rung inside his locker. 

After two days and no call, he brought the phone home (he is clueless as to how to operate a Blackberry) and asked one of his daughters to try to get in touch with me. 

I received an unexpected SMS this morning asking as to where and what time should they return the phone today.  I wanted to do it early that morning but they said they had church service.  I patiently waited this afternoon.  

Yes, I got my phone back and they wouldn't accept any money in return. I offered early dinner but they wouldn't accept either.  I thanked them several times and Fraulein said, "Wag muna kami ang pasalamatan niyo, Ma'am...yung nasa itaas po." ("Don't thank us first, Ma'am...thank the One up above.")

I know this may not seem interesting to a lot of people, but I seldom meet people who are honest and gracious. This is a reminder that the the world still has beautiful human beings.

I hope you all had a good weekend. 


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love this story- I am so happy you shared it.

Mice Aliling said...

Thank you, Ren :) I was so glad that day. And they inspired me to be a better person. It was a lovely and blessed gift.

kiko said...

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Pat Tillett said...

Very nice story and Happy Birthday!
It's so nice to hear stories like this. There is some humanity in humans after all...