Monday, June 20, 2011

Asleep 02

I launched a search for you.
You weren't there even in slumber;
All I had was that chair empty of you. 

A peek of Asleep 01


Franz said...

Nice sketch and nice words,you always very good!
Congrats Mice,have a happy week!

Meowlissa said...

Beautiful as ever, Mice =)

Pam Tucker said...

Wonderful work, Mice! LOVE it!

David Allen Waters said...

Oh how sleep going to be a series?

still awaiting my painting...can't wait :)

Hollie said...

I'm really loving your poetry posts as of late. :]

mice_aliling said...

Franz, Thanks so much. You must give me tips on watercolor sometimes.

Meowlissa, you are my favorite commenter :)

Pam, thank you. Hearing from an artist is always a joy.

David, I am glad you got the painting :) Yes, it's going to be a series, thanks to you.

Hollie, I find integration of words and visuals very interesting...