Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PTD: Typical Tourist in Istanbul

Do you scream tourist? You do, if you follow are guilty of theses 3:

1. The Get-up: Jeans, backpack, camera slung around the neck, and a bottled water. Alternative for a backpack is a belt bag.

2. Make sure you have photos of the following:
Famous Landmark
Galata Tower
You with the famous landmark

You with arms raised up high

Variation of the outstretched arm

And the Classic Peace Sign

3. Don't forget to bring your map. 

Istanbul Tips:

1. Book your accommodation at the Sultanahmet District. All the tourist-y stuff are a walk away. 
 The view from the terrace of our hotel.

2. The Must-Sees


Blue Mosque

Topkapi Palace

The 360-degree view from Galata Tower is spectacular.

Must do:
1. Take the quick Bosphorous cruise at sunset. When else can you say that you were in 2 continents, Europe and Asia, at the same time?

2. Feast your eyes with the colors of the Grand Bazaar.

3. Devour the Turkish goodies.

And lastly, throw away the map, then get lost in the city :)

 PS. Chepard Toofah had fun while we were scouring the streets of Istanbul.

Click here for more Istanbul photos from my Flickr.

Helpful Links here:)
You can check air fares here via KLM, and hotels here.
For more non-wikipedia information about Istanbul and Turkey itself, please hover over here. Or you can just go to Lonely Planet or grab a copy of Istanbul (City Guide)

This trip was sometime June 2009.

Note: Pinay Turista Diaries (PTD) contain casual and arbitrary thoughts in my head; said aloud; exchanged with friends; probably written in my journal; and, re-written for your consumption. 


NoBenta said...

wow, the photos of the church is really spectacular!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Instanbul looks so amazing- I would love to go there! Nice pics :)

fire-incarnate said...

vungga!!! kelangan ni barbie ng suklay... mahangin sa labas!

Sini said...

haha great pictures!

mice_aliling said...

Jayson, I am still in awe with the ornate details.
Jaime, it's such a beautiful country and the people are very warm.
Veronica, I had a brush with us, but the cruise was just windy
Sini, thank you. I had a fabulous time taking them.