Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hump Day Randoms

Did it ever occur to you that the week just speed by then you look back and think, what did I just do?

Of cookies and brownies...

So last week, my soon-to-graduate-chef brother was bugging me on practicing my baking skills.  To those who have been following me on twitter, you'd know that I have been trying to bake brownies from scratch.  I tried 8 recipes and they all sucked.  The latest was this supposed healthy organic fudge brownies that looked absolutely delectable but definitely not that great.  Have you ever seen something or met someone so beautiful then turns out to be disappointing or empty-headed. That's this brownie...look at how deceptive it is. 

The problem with me following a recipe is that I don't follow. I was looking for healthy brownies so I revise the recipe according to my health standards. There's this arrogance in me that believes that what I do will end up better. Of course the failed brownies just proves what I recently realized-- healthy food generally does not taste good. If you have good fudge brownie recipes, please email it to me. I would love to try it.

After eight unsuccessful healthy brownie attempts, I have decided to move on with cookies.  So I decided for it to be semi-healthy and opted for oatmeal, raisins and almond cookies; and, I used muscovado instead of regular sugar. I was surprised that it turned out really well so I made another batch for my friends who immediately became fans. They asked me to do chocolate chip cookies next time. 

RIP 77
A lot of my friends said that the chance of 77's survival was slim to none. I did not believe them until she finally gave up three days ago. Two weeks, kid!  You will be missed!

Catching Up Dinners with a friend. Oooh that Chicken Bolognese was really yummy! Yes, this is a feeble attempt at foodography. I still question the presence of that ornate and rigid starch figure which was barely edible...

Messing with the nephew

If I wasn't sweating in the kitchen, I would be cooped up in my room deluged in a recent personal project with the nephew's company.

And in the juggernaut's absence, I would have rubber duckie and some Matthew McAvene loving in my ears.

Happy Hump Day!


Sini said...

Oh no, poor kitten..

Baking is so much fun, I wouldn't like to follow recipes either but i'n not that good that these attemps would be successfull. So I try to follow recipes strictly ;)

mice_aliling said...

Hi Sini, I know, I'm sorry 77 didn't even have the chance to spend the weekend with you. My friend is giving me another kitty. This time it's healthy. I'm so excited to get it :)

denise said...

ah what a cute kid!
thank you for stopping by,
and writing commentes!