Sunday, July 25, 2010

And When I Die

I didn't realize, until recently, that I've been to more funerals this year than weddings, which makes me think of death. Some may call it morbid, but you got to face it. Your family or your friends will no longer be able to ask your opinion when you are inside that casket--breathless, helpless and lifeless.

So here's how I want my funeral to be -- the intricacies and all that jazz.

How Do I Look???
1. I don't know how or when I'll die But I have this feeling that death will happen while I'm still young. But if I'm old and crumbly, I would like to have a perfect make-up. I'm not sure how Lancome works with dead people's skin but I heard morticians use Clinique. I have no problems with the brand so long as the "just sleeping look" is achieved. Please keep the eyelids muted, no loud colors. Go easy on the eyeliners, too. I don't know how this will happen, but is there any way that my face would be slanted slightly? I have a long face, and frontal straight is really not a good angle for me.  Maybe apply shadows on the chin to reduce its fullness? If it fails, proceed to number 2. 

2.  Hopefully when I die, I would have my hair longer (right now, it's shoulder-length). It should be carelessly braided and swung over the left or right shoulder, kind of natural, easy-flowing look. This would make my face a little less oval.  

3.  If I die before I'm 40, I would like to wear this dress inside my coffin. It's by my very good designer friend Tina Daniac. Most of my clothes for event sand swimwear are made by her. 

During the wake...
4.  No flowers. I would just have one bouquet of yellow flowers --roses or tulips. Don't spend on something that will die in a couple of days. I'd prefer scented candles. Jasmine. So each time a candle is lit, I am remembered. 

5. Please no gambling. I detest it. I'd rather you guys go home and get some sleep. If you are Filipino, you know what I'm talking about.

6. I'd like the wake to be short. Four nights at the most. Each night will have a mass, dinner and then eulogies by friends. The funnier, the better. The last eulogies will definitely come from my family. This is also the time when I will allow my friends to read my journals. Out loud. An option of videos with collated photos will be fun to watch in memory of me.  There should be space for laughter in losses. 

7.  All my favorite food will be served. Bolognese, burgers, pasta aligue, warm brownies with ice cream, leche flan. I shall prepare a menu each night. When serving food, please don't use plastic disposables. These beverages shall be served in glasses or paper cups - wine, vodka tonic, fresh juice and water (not bottled). If you have other preferences, bring your own drink for sharing. 

8. I have been to more than 30 funerals, and I always hear the same songs for the departed.  My Heart Will Go On is a death staple and I don't want that to be part of uhmm my death. Up to now, I regretted the day I did not buy the Sinatra cd for my Dad. When my mother dies, ABBA and The Carpenters will be playing. If my brother passes away before me, I shall put on Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots. For me, this shall be my funeral playlist:

  1. The Cranberries: Dreams, Linger and When You're Gone
  2. Sting: When We Dance and Fields of Gold
  3. Donavon Frankenreiter's Heading Home and Free
  4. Faith No More's Easy
  5. Matthew McAvene's Brighter
  6. Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens (Mandy Moore's version is good, too)
  7. Spandau Ballet's Through the Barricades
  8. Elton John's Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters
  9. Toad The Wet Sprockets' Walk On The Ocean
  10. All of Lisa Loeb, Animal Liberation Orchestra and Broken Bells
9. I want people to wear BLUE, my favorite color. Why you have to do it? Because I'm dead, dummies.

10. Cremation.  Yes, after all that nonsense about my casket-look, I just want to be turned into dust. I shall design my own urn. And this will be engraved onto that urn: 


NoBenta said...

i super love this post mia!

i already thought of this but my wife didn't approve my draft.

like you, i don't like gambling during my wake. no watermelon and squash seeds. no dingdong mixed nuts. i want them to serve ice cream and chocolates (it makes people happy). i want them to play my favorite songs. it would be better if there will be an acoustic band to play at my wake. a videoke machine would be a great idea but the songs should be filtered based on my taste. "good riddance" by greenday is my personal choice but you can still add songs froms nirvana, smashing pumpkins, the cranberries, and of course, the eraserheads. i want everyone to wear white coz i always wore black. and most of all, no crying please.

mia, pag nauna akong namatay sa'yo, ikaw na lang ang magsabi nito sa family ko. \m/

Shlinki said...

and.. lets just hope you will live long enough to come up with those crazy ideas! LOL

mice_aliling said...

Jayson aka NoBenta,
Filtered videoke songs talaga? Make sure you make a list :) Yes, I'll make sure the family knows this. Kung mauna naman ako sa yo, ikaw din ang bahala ha? :P

And thank you!

Shlinki, If I live long enough, I might demand more things at my funeral! hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow . i never thought your such a good writer ..i liked your pictures and your blog